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Our work

We work to break damaging cycles of family dysfunction and child maltreatment through research, advocacy and implementation of a primary prevention approach – preventing harm before it happens.

Our work involves the following steps:

  • We bring together the best of international scientific understanding of both root causes and solutions
  • We use this knowledge to create practical, effective action plans to break the cycles of violence, childhood abuse and neglect
  • We work with policy-makers to assist practical adoption and implementation of these action plans

As an educational charity, we share what we learn with (and are constantly learning from) local and national policy-makers, academics, police, third sector organisations, community groups and practitioners.

We work in partnership with local areas to implement best practice and develop pathways that most suit the needs of local communities. Much of this work is done with local authorities and health commissioners. It is also important to engage local communities where much of the understanding of local areas, and needs, resides.

Our collaboration with the third sector enables us to project the message of 'primary prevention' far beyond what, as a small charity, we could do on our own. We have worked in partnership with many partners including Big Lottery Fund, NSPCC and Dartington.  

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