“I do not view 70/30 as either wishful thinking or an unachievable goal. On the contrary, reducing child maltreatment by 70% in the next fifteen years is the minimum acceptable outcome in responding to this unacceptable (and profoundly costly) harm to our youngest children. Our actions as a society must prove that we really do find all child abuse, neglect and toxic childhood environments intolerable . . . by no longer tolerating them.”

Sir Harry Burns, former Chief Medical Officer for Scotland and WAVE strategic adviser

The number of UK children who will suffer adversity during their lives has not gone down since the 1950s and neglect is rising. Levels of violence, addiction and mental ill health in our society are still far too high. Many social problems aren’t getting better or continue to get worse.

But there is so much we can do to make this better. If we prevent adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) during the earliest years, help children develop as healthily as possible and contribute towards a wider society where residents and services understand the impact of trauma and adapt their approaches to suit, then we can reverse this trend. The knowledge to achieve all of this is already there.


What is the 70/30 Campaign?

WAVE is committed to doing everything in our power to achieve this ambitious but feasible goal by the year 2030. We call this the 70/30 Campaign and we invite you to get involved – it will take all of us to turn this into a reality.

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  • Become a 70/30 Ambassador (we will train and support you)

  • Fundraise at local events

  • Raise awareness, for instance by hosting a film screening

  • Set up a trauma-informed community project in your area (see here for more details)