Aaliyah is a PhD Researcher in Health Psychology, looking at birth trauma experiences in the British Muslim community. She is also the founder of Rahmah Wellbeing, a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Birth Trauma Educator, advocate for gender and social justice and a lecturer in women’s health, mental health, counselling, trauma and the womb.

“When I came across 70/30 it struck a chord. I wanted to connect to this initiative immediately! As someone who both came into this world through a traumatic birth and subsequently faced adverse childhood experiences, I have a deep and personal understanding of the impact early experiences can have and also the resilience and hope that can come through persevering. I hope that both my personal and professional insights can contribute to my role as a 70/30 Ambassador.

Despite being told negative things at school, I have achieved a bachelor’s degree, two Masters and a PGDip. I did one of my Masters at Cambridge University, which means a lot to me because I know that it was a struggle to get there through my adverse experiences. No female in my family ancestral history had ever received an education prior to me so this is a true honour I cherish. It also came with a sense of responsibility to leave a positive legacy, leading me to establish Rahmah Wellbeing; a psychotherapeutic counselling service with an educational and preventative approach.

I offer lectures and workshops, working with the Muslim community and sharing my research on birth and early childhood trauma and how this impacts our adult lives. I am currently on a scholarship with the Aziz Foundation for a PhD in Health Psychology. I hope I can be of benefit to my local community and create positive connections leaving a much needed legacy of healing.”