Following a successful career running her own business, Ita moved into management consulting where she became first a Director, and later owner, of an international consultancy. Much of her work was in international strategy, where her assignments for airlines, breweries and chemicals companies took her around the world.

Ita is passionate about ending the maltreatment of young children. She also believes WAVE's work, in uncovering and tackling the root causes of violence and abuse, may do more to reduce cruelty to animals than all the good work of all the symptom-oriented animal charities put together. 

As well as many other publications, Ita is co-author of The WAVE Report 2005: 'Violence and what to do about it',  co-author of the WAVE Report 'International experience of early intervention for children, young people and their families' 2010 and wrote 'Working Together to Reduce Serious Youth Violence'. She also produced the first drafts of Graham Allen and Iain Duncan Smith’s booklet 'Early Intervention: Good Parents, Great Kids, Better Citizens'.

In 2013 Ita played a major role in writing, editing and designing the joint Department for Education/WAVE report 'Conception to age 2 - the age of opportunity'. Her latest report, 'Age 2 to 18 - Systems to protect children from severe disadvantage' comes after four years of intense global research, and was published in June 2018. In this report, Ita shows how adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in our early years fuel social disadvantage and inequality, and recommends excellent examples of trauma-informed approaches to heal these ACEs.