Age 2 to 18 - systems to protect children from severe disadvantage

Written by Ita Walsh and published in June 2018 by WAVE Trust, 'Age 2 to 18 - systems to protect children from severe disadvantage' details how a national shift to a user-focused, trauma-informed care system characterised by ACE-awareness, followed by adoption of a pedagogical approach across all aspects of children and family services, would protect against severe, multiple disadvantage. Read more

ACEs and Youth Justice

A presentation made by WAVE Trust to the second meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Prevention of Adverse Childhood Experiences, held on 27th March 2018 in the Palace of Westminster. WAVE Trust provides the secretariat for the all-party group. Read more

Conception to age 2 - the age of opportunity

WAVE Trust report - a Department for Education invited response to Supporting Families in the Foundation Years - March 2013. Read more

Building Great Britons: Perinatal Inquiry - Evidence Session on First 1001 Days

Recommendations for the promotion of optimal development in the first 1001 days to give every baby the best possible start in life. Read more

1001 Critical Days: The Importance of the Conception to Age Two Period

This cross-party manifesto was produced - in partnership with WAVE - by Conservative MP Andrea Leadsom, Labour MP Frank Field, Liberal Democrat MP Paul Burstow and Green Party MP Caroline Lucas. Read more

The WAVE report 2005: Violence and what to do about it

Published in January 2005. Our seminal work - this report represents the culmination of 9 years of research into and study of the root causes of violent behaviour. Read more

Working together to reduce serious youth violence

Published in September 2008 by WAVE Trust, and written for The Metropolitan Police, this report summarises the findings and recommendations of a pan- London Conference in November 2007 on reducing serious youth violence, hosted by WAVE Trust for 'The Met'. Read more

Healthy Child Programme and Age of Opportunity compared

Published in March 2014, this report draws conclusions from the comparison of WAVE Trust's Age of Opportunity report and the Department of Health's Healthy Child Programme. Read more

A quick guide to 'Conception to age 2 - the age of opportunity'

Published by WAVE in March 2014, this concise guide is designed to aid engagement by local areas by providing a simplified summary of the Age of Opportunity (AoO) report and its findings. Read more

A preventive and integrated approach to early child development: What's Missing? and Next Steps

With input from senior staff in local areas, and experts in early years, this WAVE Trust report identifies the main barriers hindering a shift to a preventive and integrated approach to early child development and suggests the key actions to overcome these. Read more

How to commission for the best start in life

A guide to implementing best preventive and integrative practice in children’s health and wellbeing from conception to age 2. Read more

Conception to age 2 - The economics of early years' investment

This extract is from the full report, 'Conception to age 2 - the age of opportunity' and contains the economic argument for investing in the early years. Read more

Making Sense of Early Intervention

This briefing paper, written by WAVE Trust for The Centre for Social Justice, provides guidance for professionals wishing to commission and fund early intervention. Read more

WAVE Trust Evidence on Prevention to the Scottish Parliament Finance Committee November 2010

In 2010 George Hosking gave evidence to the Scottish Parliament's Finance Committee advising a switch to a primary preventive strategy. Read more

International experience of early intervention for children, young people and their families

Published in January 2010 by WAVE Trust. We were commissioned by C4EO to carry out a rapid review of international literature relating to early intervention. Read more

Early Intervention – good parents, great kids, better citizens

Published on 1st September 2008. WAVE drafted this first ever joint Labour/Conservative publication. Read more

Digging up the roots of violence

Written by George Hosking OBE in January 1999. Violent behaviour is learned very young and improving parenting skills may be the way to prevent it. Read more