The 70/30 Campaign

What is the 70/30 campaign?

We are a UK- and Ireland-wide network of individuals, organisations and elected representatives working together to reduce child abuse, neglect and other adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) by at least 70% by the year 2030. We call this goal the 70/30 Campaign.

This ambitious, but feasible goal is necessary because at least half of children in the UK will suffer ACEs during their childhood.  Click to see our campaign priorities.

The 70/30 Campaign was created after we received guidance from our partners and expert advisers who agreed that a 70% reduction is achievable if the right policies and actions are taken by decision-makers and those holding the purse strings.

This campaign is also supported by many individuals who have lived experience of early life trauma and its impact - and their powerful insight into how things could change. You can see more details of our Council of Lived Experience above.

Join the campaign today so together we can make this vision a reality.

"I do not view 70/30 as either wishful thinking or an unachievable goal. On the contrary, reducing child maltreatment by 70% [by 2030] is the minimum acceptable outcome in responding to this unacceptable, and profoundly costly, harm to our youngest children."

(Professor Sir Harry Burns, former Chief Medical Officer, Scotland)

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Angela Haston

My name is Angela Haston, I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and grooming. I have just very recently won a long 5-year court case against my abuser. All throughout this, I helped my husband Jay create the Ace Awareness movement.  After seeing the success of Jay’s Men Matter support group (formed after the huge success of Ace Awareness), I created and founded the Women Matter peer support group.  

I became an Ambassador as soon as I found out Wave’s mission was the same as ours, and that is to eradicate child abuse.  The 70/30 campaign gives me a chance to let me have my voice heard and hopefully my story will help create the change. I hope this will encourage others to become ambassadors and help achieve 70/30 and begin to eradicate child abuse and create a trauma informed society.