Before you click on the link below, read about the role and how you can help improve childrens (and adults) lives in your area.


What does being an ambassador involve?

We train, educate and support you to become change-makers in your community and make 70/30 a reality.

70/30 is our strategy and goal to reduce child abuse, neglect and other ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) by, at least, 70% by the year 2030. 70% of what number?? Well there are over 66 million people in the UK. The Government's Office for National Statistics 2020 report stated that at least 1 in 5 of us have had ACEs happen during our lifetime (writer included). 70% of that number is an awful lot of people that this campaign could help!!!!

The 70/30 goal was created after WAVE Trust (WAVE) received support from its partners and expert advisers who agreed that 70/30 is achievable if the right policies and actions are taken
by decision makers and those holding the purse strings.

The 70/30 Ambassadors Network is a UK-wide group of parents, early years’ professionals
and constituents committed to achieving the 70/30 goal, and in doing so reducing social inequality
and relieving pressure on squeezed local budgets.

70/30 Ambassadors play a vital role in representing the campaign in their communities at local events and functions, spreading the word, and creating change. There are now 70/30 Ambassadors groups in many constituencies across the UK.

The 70/30 Campaign aims to:
o engage local politicians and decision-makers across the UK
o raise awareness of primary prevention and trauma-healing across the UK
o raise funds to grow the 70/30 Network!
Primary prevention means preventing ACEs before they happen
Possible actions you could take as an ambassador: writing – letters, articles etc.
 expanding the reach of 70/30 through social media
 meeting people e.g. MPs, Councillors, local activists etc.
 public speaking e.g. local volunteer groups, service providers
 co-ordinating a local group
 getting more local people involved in the 70/30 Network
 running awareness and/or fundraising events