The first years of a child’s life are vital in building resilience that will support a healthier life. 

-354 days -1 hours -39 mins -11 secs

"Leading child health experts agree the care given during the 1,001 critical days has more influence on a child’s future than at any other time in their life, and experiences during this time have a significant impact on the health, well-being and opportunity of children throughout life." (Department of Health, March 2021)

The science of how our brains develop in response to the environment we are in teaches us why the first 1,001 days of a baby's life are critical to its future physical and emotional health, as well as how trauma caused by abuse, neglect and other adverse childhood experiences (ACE) can negatively impact this.

With the publication of the recent Government report 'The best start for life: a vision for the 1,001 critical days', there is a real opportunity for the development of universal early years support across the UK that ensures every infant grows up healthy and secure.

In response to this, WAVE has launched a series of early years masterclass seminars to explore what the future of the early years sector should look like.


What this CPD-accredited masterclass will cover

This CPD-accredited masterclass (the first installment in a 3-part series) will equip you with a thorough understanding of why the first 1,001 days are so vital for a baby - and the child, young person and adult they will later become. Topics covered will include:

  • How the brain develops
  • What can affect it during this period
  • Why this is vital to know for everyone working in the early years sector


To purchase access to all three events in this 3-part series of CPD-accredited masterclasses for £50+VAT (rather than £75+VAT), choose the Multi-Event ticket choice in the options below.



George Hosking OBE

These events will be hosted by George Hosking OBE, WAVE Trust's CEO and Research Director.

George is a clinical criminologist, psychologist, economist and accountant, with an Advanced Diploma in the Management of Psychological Trauma and degrees in Economics and Psychology. He is one of the UK’s foremost experts on adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and has been promoting the need to tackle them since 1996.

Under George's leadership, WAVE has been researching early years brain development, and the best programmes and policies to implement during this period, for over 25 years. Our work is used internationally by UNICEF in Asia and Europe and by healthcare experts (e.g. Italy, Australia, Iceland); has been praised by the World Health Organisation and translated into multiple languages (including Icelandic); and was described as a "manifesto for the world" by a senior UN official.

Thank you for enquiring about the Understanding Trauma for 0 - 3 year olds masterclass.  Unfortunately this even has already happened, but please do check out our other forthcoming events HERE.


The WAVE Team