“Whilst I don’t share the vocational background of many of my fellow ambassadors, I was drawn to the 70/30 campaign because, at the root, it’s about social justice. Our society has traditionally been reluctant to accept the truth that parenting skills do not come naturally to everyone and has been even more suspicious about the idea of the state involving itself in these matters.

So let me ask you a few questions – How can it be right that parents are left to fend for themselves and are afraid to seek help because they are worried about being judged and punished? How can it be right that children and babies can have their life chances so rapidly diminished before they even have developed the ability to make those decisions for themselves?

It is tempting to think anyone who could abuse and neglect their child is an evil monster but this just isn’t fair. None of us are prefect. This campaign is not about flushing out ‘bad’ parents or creating a nanny state in which families are subjected to continuous supervision but merely wants to see them given the support they need before things go wrong.

All of us will bear the economic and social fallout that comes as a result of child abuse and neglect and, all other arguments aside, this means we all have a choice to make about what kind of a world we want to live in. This is why I am involved with 70/30 and why I hope you will consider getting involved too.”