Inspector Jack Rowlands believes in a public health approach to violence reduction through preventing adverse childhood experiences. Jack became a member of WAVE Trust in 2005 after hearing George speak about the crucial importance of the early years. He is passionate about making a difference and helping make society better.

Jack has been an active WAVE Ambassador and Council Member since 2005. In October 2013, he was invited to join the Board of Trustees.

Jack passionately believes in early years and diversion. As a serving police officer in Lambeth, Jack’s work has been influenced by WAVE, leading him to implement a number of pioneering projects, one of which is being adopted across London by the Metropolitan Police. In addition, Jack put in place an early years project in Lambeth, the Incredible Years Parenting Programme, and he works closely with Lambeth Council advising on evidence-based best practice.

Jack has recently won a Howard League award for diverting gang members into employment.