For over 22 years WAVE Trust (WAVE) has been advising local and national policy makers, working with people who hold budgets and make decisions on how to spend money on protecting children and advising that  many more resources must be made available for what  we call 'primary prevention' - preventing problems before, or very shortly after they begin. Of all money spent on children in the UK, about 3% is spent on the very early years when it's easier to get things right for children and costs a fraction of the money spend downstream after trauma has occurred. 

WAVE has worked with governments to develop preventive solutions makiing policy recommendations that would make a massive reduction in child abuse and neglect. So what is missing? Why do local health teams and statutory providers carry on ding the same old work that fials many in our communities?

A primarypreventive approach will save billions of pounds of taxpayer's money and prevent children falling into lives of severe disadvantage ---- link to Ita's report 

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