Many of us care about child abuse and neglect, and understand instinctively why prevention is better than cure. Many of us know from our personal and professional lives how preventable abuse and neglect can be. But most feel powerless to make such a big change happen across the country.

In the past politicians have not seemed to pay much attention to this – which is where you come in.

Rt Hon Sir Vince Cable MP meeting 70/30 Ambassadors for Richmond, Daphne Cotton,  Amy Dobson and Wendy Gilley

An MP, MSP, AM or MLA is first and foremost elected to serve their local constituents.

If you have a little time and wish to have your voice heard, consider speaking to your MP – or indeed your local MSP in Scotland, AM in Wales, or MLA in Northern Ireland. You can also make an impact on your ward councillors, mayors, and Local Authority leaders.

When politicians hear from and meet constituents who care about preventing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), they will pay attention. When those constituents can also offer well-thought-out solutions to what had seemed to be intractable problems, things can start to happen.

Ben Bradley MP meeting 70/30 ambassador Alex Williamson in Portcullis House, Parliament

WAVE can support you with papers, briefings and infographics – get in touch with us [link] or visit our research library.

If our government and our local authorities make the right evidence-based, brave decisions, we make the 70/30 goal become a reality. One thing WAVE has learned in recent years is just how powerful our voices are as constituents. We don’t have to let the next generation of child abuse and neglect happen. We are surprisingly powerful.

Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham meeting 70/30 ambassador Annette Hargreaves.