Three key steps are essential for large-scale social transformation:

  1. Policy-makers understand Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and focus resources on their prevention
  2. A national cultural shift is created by raising public awareness of the importance of preventing ACEs BEFORE they occur (we call this 'primary prevention')
  3. Increase the number of Trauma-informed Communities (TiCs) to heal ACEs after they have occurred

N.B. Trauma-informed Communities (TiC) is a large-scale social transformation project developed for the UK by WAVE Trust (based on latest evidence and science) and which forms a key part of the roadmap towards 70/30. The 2018 development phase of TiC has revealed an enormous appetite from those who have suffered ACEs and from front-line workers for a new way of handling our community and social problems.

Progress of the 70/30 Initiative to date:

  • 70/30 Ambassadors are leading 15 areas in becoming Trauma-informed Communities (TiCs). Many other local areas are expressing interest. 
  • Over 300 UK elected representatives, from all political parties, have endorsed the 70/30 initiative.
  • The ever-growing momentum for the adoption of Prevention is reflected in the formation of cross party groups in both Westminster and Holyrood.Unlike most similar groups these ones are populated by elected representatives who are focused on effecting changes in government policies
  • The 5 nations 6 monthly ACE workshops are training and educating senior policy-makers, civil servants, healthcare providers, police and other key decision-makers on what they can do to create transformation in the UK

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