"Labour pledges ‘all out’ effort to tackle Adverse Childhood Experiences and make addressing trauma a national public health priority." (press release, 22nd November 2018)

(Following a meeting with WAVE's CEO George Hosking, Labour’s Shadow Health and Social Care Secretary Jonathan Ashworth MP pledged the party’s commitment to preventing adverse childhood experiences and making addressing childhood adversity and trauma a national public health priority)


Across the UK and abroad, WAVE Trust has been influencing change amongst decision-makers and professionals at all levels. For instance:

    • Brought preventive programmes to the UK which have since benefitted over 80,000 children
    • 2 political parties in the UK (Labour and Liberal Democrats) are committed to the 70/30 Campaign, with endorsements from over 250 MPs across the political spectrum
    • A WAVE-led coalition of early years experts was responsible for inclusion of an early years section in the Scottish Children & Young People Act 2014
    • Established multi-nation, cross-sector ACEs workshops for senior civil servants across the UK (and later the Republic of Ireland too), organising the first 4 between 2016 and 2018
    • Our work is used internationally (e.g. Italy, Australia, Iceland), has been recommended by both UNICEF and World Health Organisation, has been translated into other languages (including Icelandic), and described as a ‘manifesto for the world’ by a senior UN official
    • Advisers on early years to governments and local authorities
    • Creators of cutting-edge preventive action plans, working with local and national partners to implement these plans
    • Creators of UK-wide alliances and coalitions of early years experts & practitioners

What people say about WAVE and its work

'Officials have met with George Hosking, the founder and CEO of the WAVE Trust, on a number of occasions to discuss the work, including the 70/30 campaign and the adverse childhood experiences work. The meetings have provided opportunities for officials to share with the WAVE Trust information on the Welsh Government's policies and key family support programmes. We anticipate that that will have a mutual interest with the WAVE Trust and that discussions will continue'

Leader of Welsh National Assembly, Julie James AM

'Thank you for the time you took for your visit to Geneva - it was inspiring to learn of your considerable achievements in moving an evidence-based approach to the early developmental prevention of violence ahead in the UK, and fascinating to see the close parallels between the work of WAVE and unfolding of the WHO violence prevention activities.'

Dr. Alexander Butchart, Co-ordinator, Prevention of Violence, WHO

'WAVE Trust is unique in its approach to the problem of child abuse. While its work would take time to be successful, and might take a generation or more to be fully realised, its potential to create change is unrivalled by other organisations taking a less completely preventative approach.'

New Philanthropy Capital, independent review of over 100 charities tackling child abuse (2007)

'WAVE's visionary 70/30 strategy has my full backing. It tackles the roots of the problems in our society where so many address the symptoms... What I learned from WAVE greatly influenced the Centre for Social Justice's approach to policy on children and families, as published in our report Breakthrough Britain.'

Rt. Hon. Iain Duncan Smith MP, former Leader of the Conservative Party

'Before I completed WAVE’s An End to Violence Therapeutic Programme, I was angry with the world, meaning society, my community and my life. This anger caused me not to think about life or anything in a positive way, therefore I led a life down a path of destruction. One year on from completing the programme, I am at peace with myself and all that the world, society and life can throw at me. I am now in a content place in my life where I am able to see life in its real reality and I am able to deal with it in a rational way without even a thought of violence.'

Robert Scott, ex-offender

'Your work gets more important as the months go on.'

Baroness Hilary Armstrong

'I am writing to thank you for your excellent presentation and contribution to the meeting on the Infant Mental Health and Early Intervention agenda. I have had nothing but really positive feedback and appreciation of the opportunity which you provided for us to consider this important material. We at the Public Health Agency regard this work as a key priority and look forward to further contact with you as we seek to progress this.'

Mary Black CBE, Assistant Director of Public Health, Public Health Authority, Northern Ireland

'…other than the threat from terrorism, violence by young people on young people is the most significant cause of fear and concern about community safety… the WAVE Trust [is] part of the solution.'

Sir Ian Blair, Commissioner, Metropolitan Police

'I have now finished reading the WAVE report 2005 and would ask that you let George know that in 30 years of policing over 8 as a BCU commander it is the single most impactive thing I have seen, with I believe the most potential to make a real difference. I do hope that the trust has the ear of government and that future strategies will reflect your findings and recommendations. If in any small way I could assist please feel free to ask.'

Chief Superintendent John Snell, Borough Commander, Avon & Somerset Police

'Indisputably, one area of crime has continued to rise year on year: violent offences. The WAVE Report 2005: Violence And What To Do About It [is] perhaps the most significant paper on strategic crime reduction in recent years.'

Commander Allan Gibson, Director of Strategic Development, Specialist Crime Directorate, Metropolitan Police

 'Thank you for your presentation at Scotland Yard, it confirms my views and thoughts after 27 years policing in London… I would champion this work back on Enfield Borough. Once again, keep up all your good work. You have my fullest support and utmost admiration.'

 Superintendent Stewart Rivers, Strategic Change Manager, Edmonton Police

'Can I take this opportunity to thank you for a hugely inspiring presentation. Could I please ask for a copy of that inspiring presentation to spread the word.'

Ian Scanion, Problem Solving Advisor, Homicide SCD1, Metropolitan Police

'Thank you very much for your brilliant presentation. I found it absolutely fabulous. It confirmed academically what I had picked up through practical policing.'

Detective Inspector Siobhan Sagar, Croydon Borough Police

'I would like to take a moment to say a heartfelt thank you for the inspirational delivery outlining the work carried out through the Trust work and also for re-inspiring me.'

Mel Symons, Clinical Training and Development Nurse, Health Visiting and School Nursing Management Office

'My journey to the 70/30 campaign started over 15 years ago when I was involved in research into socially excluded young people who had been involved in drug or alcohol abuse, who had truanted from school, who had been in prison, or were homeless or they were teenage parents... I am very excited to be part of this life changing campaign and I know that if enough people add their support, we will make the world a better place.'

Daphne Cotton, 70/30 ambassador in Richmond

'What really drew me to 70/30 is its eagerness for action, the challenge to get as many people as possible involved through real interaction, and not just prospective and new parents but healthcare practitioners, local authorities, MPs, organisations, neighbours…the whole community.'

Antonella Sansone, Tooting resident and 70/30 ambassador