The above is a photograph of a 70/30 workshop attended by 70/30 Ambassadors in 2018 brainstorming and developing action plans.

Progressing WAVE's community transformation plan - a few examples

In a few months in 2018, the Leaders of the following TiC (Trauma-informed Community) local projects have generated interest and commitment for change among local residents and practitioners:

  • Cumbria hosted 10 Resilience* film screenings, with at least 8 more planned.
  • Tonbridge has secured the support of the Mayor and key senior local authority and non-local authority executives.
  • Hertfordshire has secured the support of the Head of the Primary School Forum to work towards making the area's schools Trauma-informed, and has also secured the interest of 15 GPs.
  • Belfast (in collaboration with Action Trauma) conducted two screenings of Resilience*, both of which were over-subscribed. Action Trauma will be using their network to promote TiC across the whole of Belfast.
  • Glasgow is particularly passionate about converting the judiciary, prisons and families of prisoners to become Trauma-informed. To this end, and for child welfare in general, they have secured strong interest and support from the former Children's Commissioner for Scotland, a Scottish Government adviser, the Director of the Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice and Carol Craig (who writes about ACEs).
  • Reading's core group of active people spanning mental health, Police, Education, Politics and Third Sector are promoting crisis cafes, mental health roadshows, trauma-informed policing and primary prevention in mental health.

Area Leaders with notable influence on neighbouring local areas include Cumbria, Orkney, Stonehaven, Reading, Tonbridge and Warrington.

* Resilience - The Biology of Stress, the Science of Hope - a renowned film about ACEs by James Redford.