Our CPD-accredited training will give your organisation the knowledge and skills to create a collaborative workplace culture that will more effectively:

  • get to the root cause of the issues you face
  • understand and address them in a sustainable way
  • improve staff well-being and job satisfaction while doing so

Workplaces today face 21st Century issues. WAVE can offer you 21st Century solutions.

"Amazing session, very thought-provoking and I will be embedding the information into my practice."

We have over 20 years’ experience addressing the impact of trauma and designing solutions to prevent it. This includes advising local authorities and national bodies including the Metropolitan Police, Cabinet Office, Home Office, and Departments of Education and Health.

Our consultancy and training will give your staff a CPD-accredited understanding of trauma and the skills to address challenging behaviour more effectively.

'I have become aware through my conversations with a colleague that there are more opportunities to be part of the excellent training'. Asst. head teacher of London secondary school



What is trauma?

Most of us sometimes find other peoples’ behaviour difficult to understand or respond to. Often these encounters can be frustrating and draining for all concerned - while also draining resources.

Aggression, anxiety, challenging behaviour, mental health issues and many chronic health conditions can all stem from past traumatic experiences.

Psychological trauma is what happens when a person’s stress response is overwhelmed by a distressing event or situation which has a lasting impact on the brain. We do not often talk about it, but we all know people who have experienced it.

Our training gives your staff the tools to respond more effectively to the challenging behaviour trauma can cause, allowing you to increase workplace effectiveness, productivity and well-being as a result.




Our senior team has over 40 years' experience providing consultancy services to national and multinational organisations including BP, Marks & Spencers, Boots and Toshiba.

We provide consultancy services to the public sector, third sector organisations and businesses seeking to design and implement ACEs strategies and/or adopt trauma-informed practices. Our consultancy will help your organisation to more effectively tackle 21st Century issues with 21st Century solutions.



"Brilliant session. The best course I've been on in seven years working in families and well-being services."


Trauma-informed training

We train teams to understand and respond to the impacts of trauma on your team, clients and service users. Our course covers:

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  • How the brain develops
  • What trauma is and how it affects people
  • How to boost a person’s resilience against trauma
  • How you can build a more collaborative workplace with 21st Century science at its heart.


We will give your staff the opportunity to apply this understanding to their own workplace situations. They will build up a toolkit of skills, equipping them to respond more effectively to challenging behaviour.



Enquire below to discuss how we can shape a trauma-informed course to improve your team's effectiveness, productivity and well-being.