A 21st Century approach to service – Trauma-informed Training

Why is it important for your workforce to be trauma-informed?

With our training, your organisation can become

  • more productive
  • effective and empathetic
  • gaining a scientific understanding of human behaviour

that brings out the best in everyone – your clients, your staff and you.

Dealing with troubled individuals is no easy task for any service provider, third sector organisation or business, be it a school, a corporation or a prison. Interactions can be frustrating, stressful and draining for all concerned. While most of us are keen to do what we can to help, teams seeking to make a lasting difference in such situations benefit greatly from specialist training.

In recent years a new way of approaching the challenge of understanding people’s behaviour has been implemented in the United States, leading to striking improvements in client outcomes as well as staff morale, job satisfaction and building stronger delivery teams.

The approach is called ‘trauma-informed’.

Trauma is astonishingly common: everyone has had some experience of it, either directly, indirectly or both. Past trauma, even when it has been ‘forgotten’, can still have a significant impact on the way we think and behave thereafter. Understanding this is crucial to understanding why people sometimes behave in particularly challenging ways.

Failure to focus on this important factor in people’s history can lead to situations where those being helped or supported feel resentful, patronised and/or not ‘heard’, while those tasked with supporting them feel unappreciated and stressed. It doesn’t have to be that way.

WAVE Trust trauma-informed training

Drawing from over two decades’ of research as one of the country’s leading experts on trauma, we will equip your staff with the tools to understand the roots of behaviour, how to act in an effective and empathetic way around clients and colleagues, and how to maintain their own well-being.

We offer simple, practical ways of achieving this through giving teams an understanding of:

  • How the human brain develops
  • What trauma is and how it affects the brain
  • How to boost emotional resilience
  • How to create an empathetic, collaborative workplace

We offer prepared packages and also create bespoke programmes designed specifically for your needs. We will work with your staff to co-design policies, practices and action plans best suited to the needs of your team, department or business.

This will not just involve conversations with senior management, all staff members will have their say.

For 22 years, we have been running training for professionals across the UK in a variety of disciplines. We recently set up and supported a dozen community groups around the UK.

These supported groups are led by passionately committed local practitioners, parents and people who have experienced past trauma to build resilience for themselves and for others.

Contact us at [email protected] to find out more.