Looking beyond studies, reports, and scientific discoveries

WAVE has been spearheading social change since its formation in 1999. One way we do this is by continuous global research into latest science and best practice. The very high volume of research precludes us from placing it on this site. Analysing global research into the root causes of social problems and translating findings into concise and simple English for busy policymakers and professionals is a step towards creating social transformation.

The World Health Organisation (of which WAVE Trust is an active member) European Report on Preventing Child Maltreatment states:

'Traditional responses.. fail to stem the tide of child maltreatment...calls for greater focus on prevention'

We empower change-makers by delivering training in workshops & conferences, creating cutting edge action plans, and working with central and local governments on system change and innovative policy formation

What makes WAVE unique is its focus on creating solutions. Always focusing on the root causes of social problems, we design practical solutions to create long term transformation by addressing issues such as:

  • interpersonal violence
  • homelessness
  • drug addiction
  • domestic violence
  • criminal offending
  • mental ill health

Many of the trauma-affected people we engage with tell us that current systems do not support them effectively or adequately.

'You think about young offenders – all of those in prison, the people on the streets – they’ve all got high ACEs! No-one realises! And that’s why… that’s why he or she’s homeless, that’s why he’s in prison, that’s why he’s addicted to drugs. Because they’ve got high ACEs. It’s as simple as that! And – we need to look at it. We need more compassion from our doctors. We need some – honestly, I spend hours thinking about this – almost like, you know… imagine if the police were compassionate to somebody who’s got 6 ACEs, and treats them differently to someone who doesn’t have any? Can you imagine that?'  (Focus Group attendee, August 2018)

The reports in our Library list some of the recommendations we propose and which form the basis of our cutting edge projects such as Pioneer Communities and Trauma-informed Communities (TiC).

If you would like to learn more about our approach and research, or would like more information about our projects, please contact us here.