Thursday, January 26, 2022

Throughout 2022, I will be running a 10km challenge every month to raise funds for WAVE Trust.

Our team at WAVE Trust is on a mission to reduce levels of child maltreatment across the UK and Ireland. We spearhead the 70/30 Campaign to reduce child abuse, neglect and domestic violence by 70% by 2030, a campaign that has secured the support of 515 MPs (80%) and counting.

To achieve this goal, the charity has been advising all UK national Governments, training services across the country, conducting research into best practice and introducing successful programmes to local areas for 25 years. We keep ourselves busy!

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Great opportunities to be seized

After one-quarter of a century, the situation has never looked brighter.

It's now normal for politicians at all levels to be discussing childhood adversity in Parliament and councils. There is a wave of interest across the country in 'Trauma-informed Practice', with countless local authorities and organisations seeking to implement it. And the early adopters are seeing excellent results, inspiring more to take the leap.

All money raised towards this challenge will support WAVE's small, agile team to take advantage of this turning point we're at to continue pushing for change on a nationwide level, helping to improve countless lives in the process.

You can donate via any of the 'Donate to WAVE Trust' buttons on this page. Thank you all for your support and please share this link with family and friends!

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Let's make this a bit more interesting...

This effort was inspired by a one-off 10km run I did for WAVE Trust in November 2021, so I know that 10km can be hard work (not to mention the dozens of kilometres ran during training in-between monthly runs).

But I also know a challenge of this kind can get a bit repetitive after a while, so let's make it more interesting.

As well as running 10km each month throughout 2020, I will also pledge to tick off each of the following targets during some point in the year:


Changing the terrain

  •  1x treadmill
  •  1x road
  •  1x cross-country
  •  1x running track
  •  1x hills
  •  1x beach


Speed challenge*

  •  1x sub-60 mins
  •  1x sub-55 mins
  •  1x sub-50 mins
  •  1x sub-45 mins

*I finished my last 10km run challenge on 31st November in 61 mins, so these targets are going to be a challenge for me!


I'll keep you updated via this page throughout the year as to how many targets I've hit!

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Aidan Phillips is Trauma-informed Communities Project Manager at WAVE Trust.


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