Welcome to WAVE

Tackling the root causes of damaging family cycles, including child abuse and neglect

What we do

We work to break cycles of family dysfunction and child maltreatment by finding solutions to the root causes of damage

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How we do it

  • We undertake cutting edge research and identify global best practice
  • We create preventive solutions and action plans
  • We work directly with policy-makers to put these into practice

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National Wings Day

National Wings Day is part of WAVE Trust’s 70/30 objective and is set to reduce UK child abuse and neglect by 70% by 2030. By making a parachute jump or by being an ANGEL and organising a team to jump you will be part of National Wings Day and will help break the cycles of violence and abuse and tackle these widespread blights on children's lives.

The 70/30 Campaign

It’s possible to reduce child maltreatment in the UK by at least 70% by 2030. We have developed a strategy to make this a reality, we call it 70/30.

"I do not view 70/30 as either wishful thinking or an unachievable goal. On the contrary, reducing child maltreatment by 70% in the next fifteen years is the minimum acceptable outcome in responding to this unacceptable (and profoundly costly) harm to our youngest children.  Our actions as a society must prove that we really do find all child abuse, neglect and toxic childhood environments intolerable . . . by no longer tolerating them." 

Sir Harry Burns (Scotland's former Chief Medical Officer, Strathclyde's Professor of Global Public Health and WAVE's first Senior Fellow)