Anthoulla was a Solicitor in private legal practice for 27 years until 2010, specialising in commercial property transactions and non-contentious legal work.

Prior to 2010, Anthoulla provided pro bono and financial support to WAVE while pursuing her career as a Solicitor.

WAVE’s ever growing sphere of influence and achievements led to expansion of opportunities for WAVE to achieve social transformation. The possibilities excited Anthoulla such that she could no longer remain in the law. She left the legal profession in 2010 to join the management team, and to present WAVE's preventive message and strategic solutions to audiences throughout the UK.

Anthoulla fills two key roles within WAVE:

  1. Company Secretary and in-house lawyer -handling all internal and third party contracts, governance, dealing with Companies House & Charity Commission requirements, and liaising with and supporting the Board of Trustees.
  2. Director of External Relations and major donor fundraiser - engaging with major supporters and ambassadors.