Tuesday, December 19, 2023

During a UK Parliamentary debate on Knife Crime on Thursday 14th December, Wendy Morton MP spoke about a meeting she had recently had with WAVE Trust and how that conversation had shaped her approach to the debate. 

Speaking in the chamber, Ms Morton said  

'...There are common themes that we cannot ignore, around demographics and socioeconomic factors, including age, race and sex. Much work and research has been done and is ongoing in that space. For example, in the year ending March 2023, across England and Wales there were 3,420 cautions and convictions for possession of a knife or offensive weapon among young people aged 10 to 17. In the west midlands, betwee1n January and September this year, 565 under-18s were arrested on suspicion of knife-related crimes. All too often, children and young people who are not engaging can be lured into street gangs, violence and, sadly, even child criminal exploitation. I spoke to the Wave Trust to get a deeper understanding of the work it does and we discussed the need for a long-term approach to tackling issues around childhood trauma and parental violence and influence...'

A link to the whole debate can be found here

WAVE Trust are incredibly grateful to Ms Morton MP for acknowledging the work we are doing to raise these issues and look forward to working with her on issues of shared interests in the future. 

Could this be you?

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