Friday,  February 2nd 2024

During a UK Parliamentary debate on Children's Mental Health Week 2024 on Tuesday 30th January, Wera Hobhouse MP spoke about  her long term work with WAVE Trust and the effect that has had on her knowledge of Childhood trauma. 

Speaking in Parliament, Ms Hobhouse MP said...

 '...Listening to and understanding the science of adverse childhood experiences has given me a real insight. I commend the WAVE Trust, which has also done a lot of work on attachment disorder and the importance of a child’s early attachment to their mother.....I encourage everybody who is here to inform themselves about them and the research that the WAVE Trust has done into the subject, which is fascinating and ongoing. That research suggests that the adverse childhood experiences of abuse and neglect alone, which can happen in any family, cost the UK more than £15 billion a year. Clearly, the cost of preventing adverse childhood experiences is less than that of inaction. Unnoticed and unaddressed, adverse childhood experiences can be a lifelong sentence. Childhood trauma does not end with the child and it gets transferred to the next generation

the whole debate can be found here

WAVE wish to extend our gratitude to Wera and look forward to continuing to build on our working relationship as we work to create a better world for all children in the United Kingdom.