Since April 2018, we supported grassroots activists in various areas across the UK to launch trauma-informed community campaigns as part of our Self-healing Trauma-informed Community (STiC) project. We have continued to support these and other areas since.

This experience has shown us that grassroots campaigns can have a significant impact towards the goal of creating a trauma-informed community in the following areas, many of which have a substantial impact in themselves:

  • Introducing statutory personnel and services to the wider subject, as well as third sector organisations and politicians
  • Compelling statutory services to explore the concept (e.g. by setting up multi-sector steering groups) and, at times, begin their journey towards becoming trauma-informed
  • Spreading awareness about the wider subject directly to hundreds of local residents (with the indirect impact most likely in the thousands)
  • Enthusing and inspiring existing supporters

As such, we have seen proof in various areas of the country that the existence of a grassroots campaign group in an area can have a substantial impact over time on wider awareness of the subject, statutory service take-up and the likelihood of statutory services pursuing this as a goal. In short, local activists truly can make a difference.

If you would like support to set up a trauma-informed community campaign in your area, get in touch at [email protected]