We are inviting passionate citizens, parents, community members, practitioners, decision-makers and potential donors to join the campaign to bring about a 70% reduction in child abuse, neglect and children witnessing domestic violence by the year 2030.


Three key steps are essential for large-scale social transformation:

    1. Everyone hears about (Adverse Childhood Experiences) ACEs, such as abuse and neglect, and the impact they have on individual lives and in our communities.
    2. Policymakers direct attention and resources towards preventing ACEs.
    3. In every community across the UK, plans are adopted to prevent ACEs and tackle the trauma caused by them.


Momentum is growing. In the last few years, we have seen the start of change in communities around the UK. A UK-wide movement to prevent and tackle ACEs is developing. Since the start, we have been playing a key role in this transformation.

  • Many police forces, health bodies, councils and local authorities are exploring trauma-informed approaches and area-wide strategies. We have helped spread the word by establishing bi-annual, multi-nation ACEs workshops for senior civil servants and policy makers, bringing together professionals from various sectors across the UK and Ireland to share knowledge. WAVE launched these workshops in November 2016.

  • Since early 2018, an increasing number of grassroots activists and third sector organisations have been setting up trauma-informed community pressure groups in their areas. Through our Trauma-informed Communities (TiC) project, we have enabled and supported the creation of such groups.

  • Between 1999 and 2017, ACEs were barely mentioned in the UK Parliament, peaking at 6 mentions in 2017. But in 2018, they were mentioned 50 times. WAVE's political influence and the 70/30 network have played a key part in this, securing endorsements from nearly half of Parliament. Moreover, we have secured endorsement from over half the Scottish Parliament, as well as half the Welsh Assembly, London Assembly, local councils and other elected representatives. This support led to the creation of two action-orientated cross-party groups in the UK and Scottish Parliaments, with WAVE serving as Secretariat for both.

WAVE will continue to contribute towards this movement but in order to do this we need your support today.


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