Friday, December 3, 2021

If you would like to support 70/30 ambassadors in their Giving Tuesday efforts, donate towards the WAVE Trust and its 70/30 Campaign to reduce child maltreatment by 70% by 2030 via the WAVE Trust donations page here. All donations this month will go towards supporting the 70/30 Campaign ambassador network.


This year has been the first year in which 70/30 ambassadors have taken part in the global day of generosity, Giving Tuesday!

I have been extremely honored to be part of a team of passionate supporters of WAVE’s campaign goal to reduce child abuse and neglect by 70% by 2030, who have worked tirelessly throughout October and November to raise awareness and funds for this cause. (If you want to support the campaign you can donate to WAVE Trust here)

With nine more years to reach our goal, the 70/30 Campaign is in a key stage when we need to get the message out there so that we can achieve both a culture change on a grassroots level and have the attention and trust of decision makers.





Building on recent successes

With this in mind, we hoped to build on successes like West Dunbartonshire and the City of Edinburgh Council endorsing the campaign and agreeing to become trauma-informed by raising awareness of all that we do in local communities and across social media and by raising funds to support the ambassador network. This involved sharing our stories, completing challenges, engaging in our local communities, fundraising and supporting each other throughout. 

I personally took on the role of coordinating the team’s efforts by organising weekly calls from October onwards, creating graphics for all to share, training the team in digital skills and interviewing the rest of the team on livestreams to share why we are all so passionate about preventing trauma from happening in the first place and building resilience in our communities. 




A team effort

Alex raised funds with his community fundraising at his local supermarket, while Aidan completed a 10km run in his local park after a month’s training (you can read more about his challenge in his own blog post here).

Claire shared her own story of lived experience of ACEs, substance abuse and intergenerational trauma on three separate live streams and on social media to make sure people knew that there was hope for a better future, and secured the support of her local school for next year.

Andi, Rob and Scott also joined us in sharing their lived experience and showed us what a difference trauma-informed approaches made to their own lives and what still needs to be done to protect future generations. 




Together, we spread the word far and wide and got more of the 70/30 ambassadors involved on the live streams and social media. 

Our West Lothian team, with Debbie, Eddie, Jay and Angela, not only spread the word across peer support groups for people affected by these issues and shared their stories, but also got the word out through their local newspaper. 



I am excited to see what great things the ambassador network will achieve with extra support in these upcoming months as we’ve seen over and over again that it takes just one passionate person to change a community!

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far and, if you'd like to donate to the 70/30 Campaign, please do so via the WAVE Trust donations page at the link below (all donations this month will go towards supporting the 70/30 Campaign ambassador network). Thank you!




Isobel Dawson is the Police and Crime Project Manager at WAVE Trust.