Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Want to help keep this motion as the most popular in Parliament for 2021/22? See the bottom of this article for further details on how you can help!


WAVE Trust are delighted to announce that a motion acknowledging how over two-thirds of MPs have endorsed our 70/30 Campaign has now become the most popular motion of this parliamentary term.

Clive Lewis MP (Norwich South) helped tip it into first place when he became the 140th Member of Parliament to add his name in support of this Early Day Motion (EDM).

Mr Lewis said: "I share WAVE Trust’s concern about childhood neglect and abuse, and support your call for a comprehensive, preventative, early years strategy."

Alex Williamson, 70/30 Campaign Officer at WAVE Trust, said: "I would like to thank the collective efforts of each ambassador who took on this seemingly impossible project with me back in May of last year.

"There are so many important causes that need attention right now, so the fact that Parliamentarians have decided that 70/30 should be the UK Government’s primary focus is a genuinely momentous occasion.

"It is my hope that, as the EDM has now reached the proverbial summit, the UK Government will respond in a positive and constructive manner."

WAVE Trust would like to offer their individual thanks to each Member of Parliament who has added their name to this motion since May 2021.


‘Give children the best possible start in life’

The full text reads:

"That this House notes the work of WAVE Trust and its 70/30 campaign to reduce levels of child abuse, neglect and domestic abuse by 70 per cent by 2030; further notes that over two-thirds of this House have endorsed that campaign, including a majority from all parties; recognises the role that Adverse Childhood Experiences play in the entrenchment of intergenerational health and income inequalities and the loss of over £20 billion per year to the UK economy; welcomes the publication of the Early Years Review; and calls on the Government to adopt a comprehensive early years’ strategy to prevent harm to children before it happens, ensuring that all parents are supported to give children the best possible start in life."


Ask your MP to support this Early Day Motion

We would encourage all supporters of the 70/30 Campaign to reach out to your MP if they have not yet signed it and encourage them to do so.