Wednesday, April 5th, 2023

WAVE Trust are delighted to confirm that Dumfries and Galloway Council has become the fourth local authority in Scotland to pass a motion in support of the 70/30 campaign to reduce child maltreatment (abuse, neglect, domestic violence) by 70% by 2030, 

The motion - which was brought to Dumfries and Galloway Council on Thursday 30th March - was passed as following

1. [..The Council...]Notes the work of WAVE Trust and its 70/30 campaign to reduce levels of child abuse, neglect and domestic abuse by 70 per cent by 2030;

2. [...The Council...] Notes that over 700 MPs, MSPs, MLAs, AMs, mayors and Councillors have endorsed the campaign across all political parties;

3. [...The Council...]Recognises the role that Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) play in the entrenchment of intergenerational health and income inequalities and the loss of over £20 billion per year to the UK economy;

4. [...The Council...] Recognises the preventative work already being carried out by Dumfries and Galloway Council and acknowledges that there is a wide understanding of ACEs across services, including Education, the impact this can have on children as well as adults, and in turn their care of their own children, and the decisions they make as adults.

5. [...The Council...]Agrees that the Council should explore with WAVE Trust (our/their) ideas on how to achieve 70/30, and to report back to Council within 12 months to indicate what would be required for the key recommendations of this strategy to be implemented and embedded within the culture and processes of the Dumfries and Galloway Council

WAVE Trust would like to thank Dumfries and Galloway Council for expressing their formal commitment to the 70/30 campaign and we keenly await the outcome of the report.  

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