Dr. Daniel Shaw is currently Chair of the Department of Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh, with joint appointments in the School of Medicine and Center for Social and Urban Research. He currently leads or co-directs five NIH-funded, longitudinal studies investigating the early antecedents and prevention of childhood conduct problems and substance use.

For his conceptual and empirical work on the development of young children’s conduct problems, he was awarded the Boyd McCandless Young Scientist Award by APA’s Division of Developmental Psychology in 1995.

Dr. Shaw has published extensively on risk factors associated with the development and prevention of conduct problems in early childhood, and his early intervention program is currently being adopted at several locations in the United States, Europe and Australia. As his primary work has been dedicated to tracing the early predictors of anti-social behavior and more recently, designing preventive interventions to reduce the number of early-starting children, he has a strong commitment to WAVE's goals.