Monday, March 20th, 2023

As a result of work by 70/30 campaigners,  Fife Council has become the third Scottish Councill to pass a motion in support of WAVE's 70/30 campaign to reduce child maltreatment (abuse, neglect, domestic violence) by 70% by 2030 and, in doing so, join alongside West Dunbartonshire and Edinburgh councils.  

The motion - which was passed unanimously- was brought to council on Thursday 16th March 2023 and read:

“Council supports the Wave Trust's 70/30 campaign to reduce child abuse, neglect and other adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) by at least 70% by the year 2030. Council asks officers to bring a report to a future meeting of the Cabinet Committee on how the ambitions of this campaign can best be achieved in Fife.”

Council is reminded of conjoined Motion 6 (March 2019) that:
• Notes the campaign to make Scotland the first Adverse Child Experiences (ACE) aware Nation, and the work done by the Fife ACEs group to gain over 1100 active members in less than six months; and the creation in Fife of the “Be that Person” DVD

• Considers that increased awareness of the impact of ACEs is key to driving investment in initiatives that promote safe, stable and nurturing relationships and environments which can have a positive impact on a broad range of challenges
and on the development of skills that will help children and young people reach their full potential

• Urges all concerned to use ACE awareness to have a positive impact on both individuals and society as a whole

• Supports all teaching staff, pupils support assistants and early years practitioners to be encouraged to take up opportunities for continued professional learning sessions on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

• Council acknowledges that Adverse Childhood Experiences can and do impact on learning, attainment and future prospects for children and young people

• Council recognises that a multi-agency Trauma Informed Steering Group is in place in Fife

• Council recognises that Trauma Informed learning is taking place across our early years and school settings to support and train staff working with children and young people

Council requests that a report to Cabinet Committee should also include:
• An update on the work of the Trauma Informed Steering Group
• Feedback produced following opportunities for continued professional learning (including online learning) undertaken by teaching staff, PSAs and early years practitioners to become Trauma Informed
• Consideration as to how to make the workforce of Fife, including elected representatives, more aware of Adverse Childhood Experiences and how to become Trauma Informed''.

WAVE Trust would like to thank Fife Council for such producing such a through and detailed motion and we fully support its content. We look forward to the publication of the report and for the opportunities it will bring for WAVE and Fife Council to work together in the pursuit  of our shared aims and objectives. 

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