Monday, April 26, 2021

Back at the start of the Coronavirus lockdown, Natalie Thomas was a single mum from Freshwater was just trying to live a reasonable life to support her and her daughter. 

Midway through lockdown Natalie underwent a traumatic experience which would become the turning point in her life.


Stop child abuse ever happening

Natalie is an adult survivor of child abuse and it was this experience which lead her to finding a charity who would campaign to stop child abuse from ever happening in the first place.


Wave Trust 70/30 campaign

Natalie then came across the Wave Trust and its 70/30 campaign.

The 70/30 campaign aims to make a 70 per cent reduction in child maltreatment by 2030.

The Wave Trust have spent years researching the driving factors behind child maltreatment and are looking to create trauma-informed communities across the UK, changing the conversation from ‘what’s wrong with you?’ to ‘what’s happened to you?’.


Lead 70/30 Ambassador for the Island

Natalie is the Lead 70/30 Ambassador for the Isle of Wight project and in her short time as an Ambassador she has engaged with Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Bob Seely, who has assured her of his support, as have many Isle of Wight councillors (listed below).

She is also working with different community organisations and churches to bring them all together to create a trauma-informed network on the Island.

The following councillors have pledged their support to Natalie:

  • Councillor Debbie Andre 
  • Councillor Reg Barry 
  • Councillor Paul Brading
  • Councillor Michael Beston
  • Councillor Shirley Smart 
  • Councillor George Cameron
  • Councillor Vanessa Churchman
  • Councillor Rodney Downer 
  • Councillor Paul Fuller 
  • Councillor Andrew Garratt 
  • Councillor Stuart Hutchinson
  • Councillor Steve Hastings
  • Councillor John Hobart
  • Councillor Michael Lilley 
  • Councillor John Medland
  • Councillor John Nicholson
  • Councillor Lora Peacy-Wilcox
  • Councillor Matthew Price
  • Councillor Tig Outlaw
  • Councillor Chris Quirk 
  • Councillor Dave Stewart 
  • Councillor Brian Tydnall
  • Councillor Ian Ward
  • Councillor Wayne Whittle 

If you’d like to find out more get in touch with Natalie you can email her via [email protected]

Natalie is a WAVE Ambassador for the 7030 campaign.

This article first appeared on On the Wight in October 2020