Friday, August 20, 2021

Would you like to help Camden's communities become more resilient?

The Camden Trauma-informed Community project is seeking volunteers to help spread awareness of trauma, encourage the uptake of trauma-informed approaches and work with local residents to find ways to improve everyone's well-being.

If you're based in Camden and would like to express an interest, do so in the link below:

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What is a Trauma-informed Community?

Psychological trauma occurs when an experience leaves a person feeling so threatened or overwhelmed that it leaves a long-lasting impact.

A Trauma-informed Community is an area where the people who live or work there have a shared understanding of what trauma is and how it is caused.

It is an area where local people can use this knowledge to help one another heal and to prevent trauma from happening wherever possible – especially during the first few years of life.

Through this, everyone in the community is able to support the well-being of all.


Camden Trauma-informed Community project launch. The project was initiaited by Camden's Integrated Early Years Service (IEYS).

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What does a Camden Trauma-informed Community volunteer do?

Volunteers will be supported to:

  • meet and talk to neighbours and colleagues
  • spread awareness about trauma, its causes and Trauma-informed Communities
  • share ideas on how we can improve well-being
  • answer questions and inspire others to take action

For meetings and events to raise awareness, volunteers will be trained to discuss:

  • how widespread adversities are within the community
  • what it means for their community to be trauma-informed
  • which groups or services could benefit from being trauma-informed
  • how the community can take steps that will improve everyone’s well-being

Though anyone can become a Trauma-informed Community volunteer, we are especially keen to seek people who are already involved in community activity or volunteering; attend workplace or community events/ meetings; and/or are well-connected within their community.

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Interested? Here's how we will support you

All volunteers will receive free access to training in trauma, trauma-informed practice and how to establish a Trauma-informed Community, provided by WAVE Trust. Training dates scheduled for 2021 are as follows:

    • Part 1: 10am-1pm, 30th September 2021
    • Part 2: 10am-1pm, 14th October 2021
    • Part 3: 10am-1pm, 28th October 2021


Post-training tools and resources will be provided by WAVE Trust. Volunteers will also be able to seek guidance and support from the project’s Board, the Friends of Camden Trauma-informed Communities, as well as affiliated organisations and their fellow volunteers.

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If you wish to find out more about what it means to be a Camden Trauma-informed Communities (TiC) volunteer, contact Aidan Phillips (WAVE Trust) at [email protected]