Monday, June 14, 2021

The London Assembly has unanimously passed a motion in favour of piloting WAVE Trust's prevention-first 'Pioneer Communities' model.

On June 10, WAVE Ambassador and Member of the London Assembly Emma Best AM proposed a motion to the Assembly urging positive pan-London approaches to tackle the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE). You can see Emma's speech here:

“To tackle issues like unemployment, addiction and homelessness in London, the Mayor must inoculate children and families against ACEs in the same way we inoculate against physical disease. Working with the Wave Trust, City Hall should pilot a Pioneer Community Approach and launch an Adverse Childhood Experiences Hub to help reduce the number of children whose upbringing is causing long-lasting trauma.” (Emma Best AM)

The final wording of the motion, that was unanimously supported, was:

"This Assembly believes that all children, irrespective of their background, deserve the right to a happy and safe childhood and that it is incumbent upon the Mayor to ensure that the existing policies of his administration are designed to facilitate such an aim.

"Therefore, this Assembly notes, with concern, the growing evidence based around Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), recognises the correlation between such experiences and issues such as adult incarceration, unemployment, substance addiction and/or homelessness and suggests that a strong and dedicated focus, by the Mayor and his administration, upon addressing the former would go a significant way to preventing the latter.

"This Assembly recognises the work being undertaken by the Mayor’s Violence Reduction Unit and welcomes the £6 million recently invested in in providing local communities with direct funding and support to deliver targeted interventions to tackle violence in their neighbourhoods and includes supporting young Londoners with Adverse Childhood Experiences. The Assembly further notes that this comes after a decade of Government austerity which has seen cuts of £35 million to London’s youth services.

"In support of said focus, this Assembly calls on the Mayor to:

  • Explore options to pilot a Pioneer Community approach and an Adverse Childhood Experiences HUB within London in addition to the work he is already undertaking in this area; and
  • To personally meet with a representative of the WAVE Trust who are campaigning for a 70% reduction to the existing levels of children who undergo Multiple Adverse Childhood experiences by 2030.”


To see more about WAVE's 70/30 Campaign:

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