Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Would you like to spread awareness of trauma and how we can prevent it to members of your community? Sign up to become a 70/30 ambassador today.


We are delighted to see Polbeth Hub in West Lothian, Scotland announce its support for the 70/30 Campaign.

The 70/30 Campaign calls for the necessary actions to be taken by local and national policymakers to achieve a 70% reduction in child maltreatment (child abuse, neglect and experiencing domestic violence). The campaign, established by WAVE Trust, is driven by a network of dedicated, passionate ambassadors across the UK and Ireland.

As stated on Polbeth Hub's website:

  • West Lothian Project Manager for the campaign is Jay Haston, a local resident and member of our amazing village. Jay said: "This is an amazing opportunity for Polbeth to get involved in the campaign and to build on the amazing work the HUB is already carrying out in the village."
  • Errin Anderson Manager for Polbeth Community HUB said: "The HUB supporting this campaign shows a clear commitment from the HUB that we want to support our local community to raise awareness of ACES but also support people who have been affected by ACES via our counselling service and the development of our holistic wellbeing service."


WAVE would like to thank all members of Polbeth Hub for their support and wish them well in their ongoing efforts to reduce child maltreatment in their community.