Monday, May 16, 2022

WAVE Trust are delighted to announce that the Office of First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, has confirmed that the Scottish Government supports the 70/30 Campaign.

In a letter sent to WAVE Trust, Ms Sturgeon's office said: "The Scottish Government agrees with the objectives of the WAVE Trust’s campaign to reduce child abuse, neglect and other ACEs by at least 70% by 2030."

The letter invited the charity to engage with the Scottish Government on its National ACE Prevention and Trauma informed Strategy. WAVE very much intends to follow up on this invitation.

The number of MSP’s supporting 70/30 now stands at a colossal 128 out of 129.

Jay Haston, lead ambassador for Scotland, said: "Obtaining the support of Ms Sturgeon for 70/30 represents the pinnacle of our achievements within Scotland and I also welcome the invitation for WAVE to contribute to the National Strategy.

"The commitment of a preventive lead approach by the Scottish Government means that Scotland is now in a position to take its rightful place as the global leader on these issues."


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